Understanding What You Pay For

GourmetToGo�.com believes in being transparent with all our people out there on the charges incurred when you order from our delivery service. The breakdown is shown below:

Menu Prices: These prices are fully reflective of the prices that the restaurants provide us for their delivery menu. These prices can be either lower, the same or higher than what they charge in the restaurant itself; this is fully dependent on the restaurants� wishes and we exercise no control whatsoever over their pricing policy. In addition, these prices are nett prices; that means that there are no hidden charges in these prices; any extra charges are fully reflected below as described

Delivery Charge: The delivery charge covers the cost of our riders and depends on the distance.
Click here to see our Delivery Charge Methodology

Service Charge: We are going to be honest and up front by stating that the margins we are making on this service is very low. The only way we can sustain this service in the long run is by adding a 10% service charge that would help cover the cost of running our delivery operations. If the volume on our delivery service is high enough one day, this is a charge we are most happy to lower or even completely eliminate, so that we can pass our cost savings (with economies of scale) over to you.

We hope that the above breakdown will shed light on what you are paying for when you order our delivery service. We will be constantly sourcing for more restaurants (especially restaurants that provide good food at affordable prices) that would enhance your food delivery experience while lowering the price you pay for it on your end. And as promised above, we will definitely pass our cost savings to you once we hit a critical volume that would allow us to do so.

Thank you for your kind understanding. Without your support, there will be no GourmetToGoe and we are fully aware that you must always come first. This service is a continued extension of our efforts to bring convenience to your doorstep, just as how GourmetToGoe has made searching for food around Singapore a lot easier these days for everyone.